podcast 109 – Intensity and extroversion and darkness

^Real effort must come through the people.^ / “Maybe he could be just like anyone else.” /^When in fact, that hammer, or that nail, or [bleep].^ / ^A reference to a reference to a reference.^

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show notes

The crazy video with the AOL email address.
Star Parker’s homophobia at the ^Value Voter Summit.^
Right-winger Ben Carson’s sexist nonsense.
Les Miles.

Dalai Lama in Mexico.

Parakeets and Raindrops [.wna file]: A free sound I made for White Noise App [iOS app] [Mac app]: (previously discussed in podcast #84); another two background noise apps for iPhone: Relax Melodies Pro and Coffitivity.

CNN: Piers Morgan argues with a gun nut.

Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk.

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