podcast 120 – Its own take on itself

“Their life as if they’re a celebrity.” / ^They have this chick who has this eyeball fetish.^ / ‘I had no idea that foxes were popular in this way.’ / “That gets the short bell.” / “Wiretaps approoved in secret courts.” / ^No problemo.^ / “There’s some angle in there about Christmas.” / ‘It was what I wrote at the time.’

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show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

Cleveland Browns fire coach.

Barrio (the taco place) on Madison in Lakewood.

What does the fox say?” vs. “What does the donkey say?”

Star Drunk” video.

Mara Wilson video.

New Trend-Eyeball licking” video.

Facebook is aware of what you type before you post it.

Crucified Santa Christmas display stirs controversy in Texas.”

Why is the NSA spying on World of Warcraft?

Paternity leave: US vs. Europe.

Photek: “Aviator.”

New Demo” video via Your Kickstarter Sucks.

Crystal Power” video.

‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ author disavows his work.

Megan Zurkey: new album ‘Questions and Answers‘ (the Kickstarter for which was previously mentioned in episode #77).

Seattle neighborhoods: Georgetown, Burien, Green Lake, Capitol Hill.