Podcast 146 – It’s just certain days

“Both based on, and a projection on, Amy.” / ^It’s a very difficult era in which to be a person.^ / ^Now they want to ruin the Internet!^ / “Sparse, kind of heavy style.” / ^Flint is a smaller version of Detroit.^ / “You know, what’s your benchmark?” / “She had blackmail vomit.”

Listen: download the mp3.

show notes
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
spoiler alert for Gone Girl

‘History Of Tha Streetz’ video.
Millions of dollars worth of seized ‘Silk Road’ Bitcoins auctioned off by Feds.
Retirement Planning Like a Dinosaur online book by me available now via pacificpelican.us independent press.
Semantic Versioning v 2.0.0.
Mercurial version control tutorial.
Fortnightly podcast.


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