Podcast 20 – Notes on Hipstamatic/new iOS apps/Christmas episode/with Jessica

djmcloud.com podcast #20: The current version of my Notes on Hipstamatic,some links to Christmas videos, minor corrections to episode 19, and two new iOS apps: a fish-eye lens simulator and Google Currents.

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)


and Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown)


(This podcast was recorded live on video via Ustream. See the recorded video here.)

show notes (Dec. 17, 2011)

follow-up on the previous podcast (#19):

I mentioned GTA 5 when I clearly meant GTA 4 at one point, and I also called Star Wars Battlefront 2 “Star Wars Battlefield the original one” which makes sense as far as that being the first Star Wars Battlefront title on PSP but obviously not on all platforms. For example PS2 had the true “original” Battlefront.

Christmas videos we’ve done:

pacificpelican.us/podcast 17: Santa Claus makes a brief appearance in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

The Christmas rainbow: When Jessica and I spent our first Christmas together in 2009, it was the kind of Christmas Day in Ohio that you could ride bikes–so we did and then we saw a rainbow.

Christmas in Chicago: In 2010 Jessica and I went to Chicago to spend the holidays with my family out there, and this video collects some clips from that season.

[the Santa photo]

Gordon Square: This year we made a video about rock music, Christmas–and not snitching.

My Notes on Hipstamatic [incomplete as 12/17/2011]

Currrent Hipstamatic version: 225 231


Black keys super grain: nice sharp black and white with small black frame, no noise

Alfred Infrared: Cool take on infrared film; can create very cool reddish images; leaky white frame; no noise

Ina’s 1969: Creates mild “60s” colors effect; has retro yellow dot border; no noise

Blanko: Offers a relatively neutral platform for the lens, with solid white border

Pistil: Creates reddish colors, uses distracting verbose alphanumeric-character-having border that says something like hpstm 269 or something

Cafe Cafenol: brownish sepia like tones with a shattered partial dark frame

Blanko noir: neutral film with black border

Float: Japanese style film yellows the image somewhat while placing a dark border with random seeming tentacles reaching into the image in some areas

AO DLX: a free Nike-sponsored film, creates slightly grainy black-and-white images within a somewhat uneven black frame which includes alphanumeric noise including “Nike”

AO BW: another free Nike-sponsored film, creates high contrast black-and-white images with a nearly even white border without alphanumeric noise


Hornbecker: from the Nike free pack, emphasizes realism and accuracy

Lucas AB2: creates muted, retro colors

Chunky: creates sharply focused images with light leak effects

Labatique 73: mild grainy effect: from the Cowboys and Aliens free pack

Matty ALN: causes notable light ray effects; from the Cowboys and Aliens free pack

iOS apps

[repeat app recommendation/The djmcloud.com app of the year] ProCamera: the best iOS photo app abides–does the best job with meta-data, combing photo and video, and with overall shooting.

Snappr: another entrant in the fish-eye lens effect photo app category: offers a custom shooting interface and multiple fish-eye effects but currently has the limitation that it renders photos at 1200×1200 for iPhone 4S, smaller for older phones; also of course has the limitations that any app will have compared to an optical fish-eye lens

Google Currents: another entrant in the customized news and content reading experience; sort of like Flipboard and the various Twitter apps but with its own spin: allows reader to focus on a handful of feeds more so than the firehose of content on apps like Reeder (which actually is much more of a Google Reader client than Currents, but that’s not the point I guess).