djmcloud podcast 21 – iOS apps, Gen X hearts Bill Clinton (but why?), and a new song podcast #21: Another diptych iOS app, white noise sounds, Minecraft PE and Eden, Samsung stumbles, new house music from Neener

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)

iPhone apps
White Noise (TMSOFT)
Grid Lens (Bucket Labs)
Minecraft Pocket Edition (Mojang)
Eden (Kingly Software Inc.)

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Tech Media News

Samsung is badly misplaying its marketing hand with the “Dude you’re a barista” commercials.

John Gruber talks about Bill Clinton on the “Back to Work” podcast: What is it with Gen X and Bill Clinton??


Bush: “The Sound of Winter” from ‘The Sea of Memories’ (2011)

Teagan and Sara: “Alligator (live)” from ‘Get Along’ (2011)

Neener: “Pacific Shores” from Neener 2 (forthcoming in 2012)–exclusive preview of the track at the end of the podcast