Podcast 23

djmcloud.com podcast #23

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Hosted by me (@pacificpelican) and Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown)

show notes

Apple textbooks: Andy Ihnatko talks about the new software for making iPad iBooks.

Sol Republic earphones

NFL playoffs

When this podcast first mentioned Hipstamatic (an iOS camera app) in episode 3, I repeated a now-discredited marketing story they were telling at the time–namely, that there had been a small-production camera (“100”) in the 1980s that gave the name and inspiration for the app.  I personally don’t care about the myth but must admit I was dumb to be so uncritical and repeat it to listeners.  I bring this up unprompted because it took me a year before I randomly thought: Hey that story must be nonsense.

Megaupload.com faces mega international prosecution.

SOPA and PIPA protest

Paul Graham: “Kill Hollywood.”

How far will government and law enforcement go in allowing itself to be used as a tool for smashing competition and innovation for the movie and record industries?

Politico: “Indeed, the fiery fight over how to preserve [sic] copyright on the Internet is far from over.”

Obey The Goose.

‘Smile’, the long-lost follow-up to the iconic 1960s classic ‘Pet Sounds’ by The Beach Boys was finally released in a 5-disc set called ‘The Smile Sessions‘ in 2011.

A Vancouver newspaper is forced to turn photos over to police of the Stanley Cup riot last year; so they are releasing the images of people lighting fires, attacking police cars and smashing storefronts.

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