Podcast 22: How much of a genius do you have to be to understand iOS memory management?

djmcloud.com podcast #22: Marines try new counter-insurgency tactics in Afghanistan that will piss off the locals, the New York Times questions the value of checking facts, and the Apple Genius Bar tells my wife to shut down applications on her iPhone

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Hosted by me (@pacificpelican) with help from the parakeets.

News Topics and Links

US Marines urinating on corpses of Afghans perfectly symbolizes the intent and reality of the American war effort.  Barack Obama was unable to cover up these images like he did previous ones.

Mitt Romney is such a scumbag talking about “saving the soul of America” and even Newt Gingrich is attacking him for his shady business dealings.

New York Times public editor, Arthur Brisbane, asking whether lies should be allowed, shows how worthless mainstream journalists still are.

Tonight I saw Apple Genius Bar employees advising my wife to go through and kill applications manually.  So despite the debate over the utility of the practice (of routinely going through and shutting down a bunch of apps rather than using the shutdown occasionally when an app is acting up) they are telling people to do that at Apple stores still apparently.