Podcast 30: Byword and Arctic Keys for iOS, my stuff on GitHub, Hunter S. Thompson, Audacity 2, Saints D

djmcloud.com podcast #30 show notes

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Hunter S. Thompson

GrandFork theme is on GitHub, as is the pacificpelican.us/cms code

my book: Like Any Ganster–Selected Writings 2006-2011

collaborating with GarageBand for iOS

Audacity audio recording program (for Windows/Mac/Linux) reaches version 2.0

Arctic Keys synthesizer app for iOS

iOS text editor Byword

moving to iCloud

Victor Hugo


clip: locker room speech to New Orleans Saints defense by Gregg Williams

DJ Rig iOS app

everythingisterrible.com live in Cleveland Heights

Neener – http://blogs.sf3am.com/neener/

Screambird – http://screambird.djmcloud.com/

djmcloud Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/djmcloud

Moon Bird artwork

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