Podcast 47 – And that’s why I went to HORDE Fest

“I would not want to wear such a thing.” / ‘That shows how much I know about Beck, by the way.’ / “I’ve listened to Bleach–probably not as many times as I should have.” / “Just typical Republican fiction.” / “I can’t believe how droll, boring, corporate and sycophantic Om Malik comes off as.” / “It’s not in some parallel universe–I mean it is.” / “Marc Maron–he’s the guy who whines about what he ate, and his cats…” ‘That sounds like a lot of podcasts!’ / “I think Live Rust is compelling–one of the great live albums.” / ‘People are suffering through the Emmys right now.’

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

Podcast 47: show notes

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Martin Solveig – “The Night Out.”


Despite their obsession over others ‘copying‘, Apple steals clock design from Swiss rail service. Look up their arguments about “trade dress:” Apple is willing to argue in court that consumers are stupid.

Neil YoungHarvest.

HORDE Fest 1997.

Nirvana: Kurt Cobain and band live compared to on LPs through the filter of 2 very different producers.

Alice in Chains.

Is Sara Tea Time the worst podcast of this era?

Marc Maron.

John Gruber.

Om Malik.

Google Reader web app.

Google Reader for Android.

Reeder app for iPhone. / Reeder app for iPad. / Reeder app for Mac.

[crashy] Caffeinated app for Mac. [previous discussion on podcast 44]

The Dark Knight Rises.

Snow White and the Huntsman.

Barack Obama’s “run on 3rd and long,” rely on the D strategy against Mitt Romney.

When we had President Bush we had…power through strength–err–peace through strength…er…

Screambird music.

Neener music.

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