Podcast 52 – The cotton candy topping

“‘Here’s the pitch: how much does it cost you to get a latte?'” / “You ever hear that term, like, ‘you’re inhaling that’?” / “I still think (Facebook stock) is massively overvalued.” / “That’s how most chants sound.” / “Oh yeah, because they hear them strumming on the banjo.” / “That one on the east side, I think has the best tasting yogurt.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes 

Jessica on Facebook’s emerging pay to post [“promoted posts”] model.

iPad Mini rumors.

The annoying and stupid ‘if you can afford a latte’ fundraising trope.

Megyn Kelly laughing.

Dan Benjamin on John Gruber leaving his 5by5 podcast network while keeping the same podcast name for his new show on Mule Radio [“The Talk Show“].

Frozen yogurt places in the Cleveland area: Menchie’s vs. ‘YogurtPlus’ vs. “Vi” on the east side.