Podcast 53 – The dragon could fly out to Mirkwood (my retelling of The Hobbit, part 2)

“He’s going to be a really foresty kind of wizard” / “There’s this area call Dul Golder or something” / “What has Gandalf been doing in this time?” / “Now the Nazgul appear to be loose.” / “I think in the books it’s more ambiguous.” / “So goblins riding on wolves come and attack.” / “Now we’re looking at a standoff situation.” / “Maybe he just wanted to move to Mordor. And in fact, this is where he’s setting up shop.” / ‘Sounds like a really exciting close to a good novel.’ / “People of Lake Town want some compensation.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Oct. 17, 2012

Here I conclude my retelling of the The Hobbit [Kindle version] [Google Play version] [iBooks version] by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I recounted the first two thirds or so of in a previous podcast (episode #50). This book is the subject of three forthcoming movies from Peter Jackson.  For much greater detail about this topic, you can listen to The Tolkien Professor podcast.  We left off in podcast 50 with the hobbit Bilbo along with Thorin and the other dwarves dug with the Wood Elves and Lake Men laying siege to the Lonely Mountain.  From there I explain to Jessica what Gandalf is up to during his prolonged absence (down in Mirkwood fighting the Necromancer [with Galadriel?]), along with how Thorin and his company find themselves caught up in the Battle of Five Armies against the goblins. We speculate as to whether Smaug the dragon will fly in to visit the Necromancer (aka Sauron?) in one of the movies. In addition, I note the casting of Christopher Lee as showing that Saruman (in his less evil days?) should have some part in this Hobbit trilogy.

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