DJMcloud Podcast 74 – I don’t know, USB or FireWire

“Doctrinal disputes, real or imagined.” / “Maybe it’s more about anticipating what Apple PR thinks??” / “I should get a better tripod.”

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show notes

I wondered what happened to the stock manipulation claims. Rene Ritchie of tweeted this in response to me: “Stock manipulation seems to be continuing though, if yesterday’s Foxconn story is any indicator.”

Apple investor wants to get some value out of the company’s massive cash horde: “On a conference call with investors and reporters, David Einhorn, founder of hedge fund Greenlight Capital, laid out the case for something he calls ‘iPrefs,’ a class of dividend-bearing preferred stock.”

Pope Benedict was an arrogant extremist who started an ugly crusade against American nuns, undermined Vatican II & served in Hitler youth.

Nuns are one of the few parts of the church where you will find some Progressives. This pope started a witch hunt against these women.

Cleveland Browns owner is an investor in fracking.

Late Night Alumni – “My Awake.”

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