DJMcloud Podcast 70 – Is it a webinar?

“They had that stodgy kind of ‘newsroom’ vibe.” / ‘I like advertising-free media, supported by the people.’ / “Really harsh cycles” / “You really ^can’t^ lose your password.” / “Maybe I’m not a big Microsoft fan.” / “It’s such a trumped-up case.” / ‘There’s no editorial chutzpah there.’ / “They’re selling the idea of privacy.” / ‘They had to retract the award.’

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Hosted by me & Jessica.

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show notes

Mega cloud file storage service launches; it’s the successor to shuttered site Megaupload.  [We discussed the Megaupload shutdown on episodes 23 and 24.]  RT did this interview with Kim Dotcom of Mega.

Nicholas Carr on the “‘peer-to-peer sharing‘” economy: “I find it hard, though, to celebrate a phenomenon — I mean, revolution — that, in Larson’s case, seems more a manifestation of a failure in the economy than some grand new breakthrough.”

CBS continues to openly interfere with CNET’s editorial process.

My novel.

Jessica’s and my band Neener.

Video by Jessica: Parakeets dunking in the water dish.