Podcast 82 – On trolleys in corridors

“Gold and seeds.” / “That term in reverse.” / “This chained CPI thing: it’s a cut.” / “Republican activists that are pushing that far-right agenda.” / “Basically just a tax on everyone.” / ‘The professional Right.’ / “The money that prohibition leaves on the table.”

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show notes

Right-wing talker Mark Levin rants about the RNC.

“Fox Contributor Star Parker Compares Congressional Black Caucus To Slave Masters.”

MP Glenda Jackson tells the truth about Margaret Thatcher.

I said this earlier: “Margaret Thatcher was a dumb bully whose cuts in public investment pain Britain to this day; she was heaved from office in 1990 & forgotten.”

Barack Obama is again negotiating with himself (as TPM reports), this time offering to cut Social Security. This move is not going over well with the left, and will cost the president support and popularity (probably for the rest of his term).

Jessica’s site.

“Pacific Shores” song from Neener 2.

Elizabeth Warren asks Obama administration regulators about why they’re protecting the banks even as they withhold the evidence of those banks’ illegal activities from the victims of illegal foreclosures.

Anti-gun crap.”

Pack a backpack with some food in it.”

Dan Benjamin: “I’m 40 years old!..Air this!!..Don’t dazzle me with a star pattern!!”

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