DJMcloud Podcast 81 – It has a little story

‘Sneaky sneakster.’ / “Maybe the environment creating the expression of the genetic propensity.” / “Caught the attention of a lot of people around the world–I think.” / “They seem to see a world that other people don’t see.” / ‘This false reality..’ / “Her embrace of radical, nontraditional ideas.” / “The reasons for that are not outlined well.” / “A protest of the repressive culture.”

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show notes

Tim O’Reilly asked me if he ran over my dog.  [I don’t own a dog.  I do have birds.]  Who thinks about stuff like that?  Was he trying to be funny?  Or…?  Anyway here’s what I said that got him so defensive:

I was excited to read the attack piece on @timoreilly by @evgenymorozov until I realized it was like a bad book report on software politics. [link]

Blending the smug-rich-guy-meme-maker of today‘s @timoreilly with the biz-shilling-publishing-hype-man 90s version is lazy @evgenymorozov [link]

So I’m really sharing my distaste for a disappointing article written about O’Reilly, which (as I interpreted it) started with a deceptively easy goal: expose the mushy hype at the core of the publishing magnate’s thinking by considering his own words.  A goal at which I thought it mostly failed [when I despaired of it being any good and clicked away halfway though.]  After O’Reilly’s lame reply I continued:

@timoreilly: @pacificpelican @evgenymorozov So did I run over your dog too?” No. I just don’t like the way you launder & amplify bad ideas. [link]

Which is true.  Though I would have hoped that classics scholar O’Reilly would have worked in a Cerberus reference when talking about dogs.  Anyway I continued:

I stopped caring about what @timoreilly says a long time ago. I had hoped @evgenymorozov would convince other smart people to do the same. [link]

Instead the article by @evgenymorozov was so poorly constructed and easily part-refuted by @timoreilly from his perch at G+ that I wondered. [link]

I don’t really care, as I said, and I think that eventually a lot of thinking people are going to realize what he’s up to.  But in the Google+ post he wrote linking to it, O’Reilly went as far as to say he found the Morozov article “entertaining and informative.”  Two things he consistently fails to be.

New Yorker article about feminist writer Shulamith Firestone.

Tila Tequila on World War 3.

Assassin of Youth” movie from 1937.

Topless female protesters in Germany call Putin a dictator.

Tunisia’s ‘Amina Tyler and other subsequent protests by women.

The Dorse Issue #1 for May 2013.

On The Hunt” video by @gemllama.

Jason from Henderson.”