Podcast 83 – Down in Haiku later in the day

“Venture capital ‘environmentalism.'” / “Chicago…it’s gridlock.” / “People freak out over the stupid scenes that have more animated animals.” / “Germany has wisely decided to phase out nuclear power.” / “That one I fed hay.” / “Pilot J.” / “San Francisco, where you’re just a guru.” / “She knew all the goats.” / “Futurist technologist.” / “I’ve already shared my dislike for [Jimmy Haslem, the owner of the Browns] because he’s into fracking.

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show notes

Goats at the Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui.


John Holdren, science advisor to President Obama.

Paul R. Ehrlich & The Population Bomb.

DJMcloud Podcast soundboard.

Cleveland Browns owner’s business investigated.

Screaming goats.

Cleveland Cavaliers fire Byron Scott.

iSteve movie.

Jessica’s blog post: “Nice to Meet You, Gurudev.”

John Siracusa on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography.

Very Jedi-ish person” via okcgoldmine.com.

pacificpelican Youtube channel.