Podcast 86 – The drones among them

‘Fruit cup for 4 dollars.’ / “Right now a lot of the same idiots are saying there should be a war against Syria.” / “They’re not new though.” / “This might be taking it to a new level.” / “‘Ways that are upwards and ways that are manifest.'” / “This nonsense talk about ‘red lines.'” / “Have you heard how stupid that thing is?”/ ‘You can play yoga in [GTAV].” / “A distinctive bass sound.” / “The answers, or something.”

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show notes – Episode #86

Jean short overalls?

Pat Buchanan on RT.

Rachel Maddow show on the Bush Library.

Andy Rourke joins Johnny Marr onstage for “How Soon is Now?”

“4th Amendment rights stripped..chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! We are embarrassed!”

Glenn Beck on (??).

Jedis and marriage.

GTA V: Epsilonism.