Podcast 85 – Possibly inevitable

“I don’t see a bookmarklets bar.” / “The old email client model.” / “At least there’s something in there.” / “Export your feeds.” / “Fast following.” / “You can play full songs as you discover them.”

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Eagle Man: “I’ve got something for you.”

Police (somewhere out in Pennsylvania) outrage an angry crank as they refuse to arrest marijuana smokers.

RSS Toaster for Mac.

Google adds ‘Google Now’ functionality to its iOS search app.

Delta Gamma sorority sister writes a letter released by Gawker (which was then read by Michael Shannon and Alison Haislip among others) that probably represents sororities and “Greek” culture on many campuses pretty well [“cock block…cunt punt..”].

Drafts app for iOS [now in version 3]: Compose text files and then send them to Evernote, Dropbox, email, and much more.

Youtube Capture: create and upload videos on your iPhone.

Birds of Paradise!

Apple is issuing bonds at less than a percent above 10-year Treasury bonds.

Twitter #Music app released for iPhone: uses Twitter data to suggest music, uses Spotify to play full songs.  (The app moved down the charts precipitously after a couple weeks.)

Warning issued (over health concerns) for the popular Youtube meme “cinnamon challenge” (which has been tried by such online icons as Miranda).

NBA player Jason Collins comes out as gay.

Gay marriage arrives in France amidst vociferous protest for and against.

All he has to show for it is this stuffed banana with dreadlocks.”

SoundCloud iPhone app. Outro track via.

My Videos: Deer in the forest preserve and the sequel Deer in the forest preserve #2.

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