Podcast 46 – You know Pirate Party is actually a thing in Europe

‘And there he is: the hero pig.’ / “I’ll party with ’em, I’ll ride with ’em.” / ‘Dayton Beach–excuse me, Daytona Beach’ / camcorder makers need to become relevant again to survive / Robert Seagull / Mitt Romney: unspeakably arrogant / New York Review of Books on Krugman and Stiglitz / Pirate Party selling out?

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show notes

Intro music: “Pacific Shores” from Neener 2.

A web site compared my writing to James Joyce based on an automated analysis of the text.

Audio clip: the demands made on a Hell’s Angel and why one might choose to ride alone.

Apple iPhone 5 announced.

Samsung now has its own Android-running camera, the Galaxy Camera.  (I discussed Nikon’s recent entry into that emerging category in podcast #45.)

Backers of a Kickstarter watch project called Pebble are wondering if they’ll ever get the vaporware watches they were promised.

A guy who wears the same shirt everyday (similar article discussed on podcast #35).

New York Review of Books gets a little too smug (and overly sympathetic to Barack Obama’s inaction on pushing more needed fiscal stimulus) in its review of Krugman and Stiglitz, but makes some good points including: “While the Ryan budget is at odds with the stated priorities of the majority of Americans, one group appears quite supportive of its general thrust—the superrich. Most polls reach few if any extremely wealthy Americans. But thanks to a pilot poll recently commissioned by a team of political scientists, we now know that the very rich are indeed different from the rest of Americans: They place much higher priority on deficit reduction and cutting spending, and much, much lower priority on reducing unemployment.”

Mitt Romney arrogantly demeans the work ethic of Americans in a recently released secret recording as he continues to trail Barack Obama in the polls. New York Magazine: “The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat.”

Linux: MATE desktop environment [screenshot] (a sort of continuation of GNOME 2) and Cinnamon from Linux Mint [screenshot].  (I discussed GNOME 3 and Unity in podcast #8.)

Plain Dealer announces “My Cleveland Smartphone Movie Contest.”

Assessing the value of inexpensive camcorders (like the Samsung HMX-F80).

Screambird music.

Prominent Pirate Party Politician Goes After Book Pirates.”