Podcast 54 – Not a lot happens on the corners

“It’s not glass anymore.” / “The red rens.” / “Very slippery.” / “You can see a lot more without having to scroll.” / “They do improve with each phone that they put out.” / “That’s pretty slick where you don’t see letterboxes easily.” / “You had to go at the right angle.” / “I would collect all that in-between stuff.” / “Even the moderator had to point out the lying.” / “This parallel universe of false notions.” / “The liberal agenda is popular.” / “I thought we were done with the mis-spellings.” / “My personal belief is: free content.” / “They’re taking another, you know, swat at it.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

Podcast 54 show notes – recorded Oct. 20, 2012 

iPhone 5.

Dark Sky iOS weather app [Dark Sky app web site].

Proceed, Governor.”

47 percent.”

Congressional debate in MN: “low-life scumbag.”

Aspiring Twitter replacements–Pheed (celebrities sell their content to audience) vs. App.net (developer sells the use of the platform to other developers, and users).

Ted Rall on (not) making money online.

The upcoming new “Mega” site.

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