Podcast 94 – Look out that window

^Harvested the core.^ / “Inter-app audio.” / ^Stay the hell away from wild animals.^ / ‘Somebody loves his soundboards.’ / “That’s that dude.” / ‘Pull data from one place and pass it on to another.’ / “A lot of rappers these days are from the South.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

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show notes

Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.  [video: Shannon reads the sorority letter.]

Bill Gates: for population reduction.

Jessica’s video of me on Instagram.

Vinepeek: Vpeeker.com.

Waffle House asserts their trademark against “Jellyroll.”

Audiobus for iOS.

photo by Jessica

Podcast 91 – Flaky sugary buttery texture

‘^Hair icon^: debatable’ / “Apparently scoring movies isn’t as fun as it sounds.” / “Incredibly strange Internet stuff.” / “Card-like.” / ‘Bands that yell at you.’ / ‘Reminds me of the 90s.’ / “I don’t want to pre-roll ads.”

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show notes

Industrial Music:

Filter: “Self Inflicted.”

Stabbing Westward: “So Far Away.”

New blog from the creator of the now-shuttered okcgoldmine.com site: i-ppl.com.

My Youtube channel trailer.

Apple WWDC announcements include iOS 7 [with re-designed UI, photo filters, background updates to apps, iTunes radio & iCloud Airdrop].

Two of my favorite iPhone camera replacement apps to use instead of the default iOS 6 camera: 645 Pro and PureShot from jag.gr.

iBooks on Mac (and an update to Mac OS X called Mavericks [somewhat technical PDF from Apple]; also new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.)

My novel.

Jessica explains the cronut and the doissant.

PRISM program exposed.  Edward Snowden steps forward (from Hong Kong) as a leaker of government info on spying programs; Daniel Ellsberg says this may be the biggest leak in American history; Julian Assange praises Snowden’s actions.  Mark Udall (Democratic Senator from Colorado) wants to re-consider the PATRIOT Act.  Barack Obama probably still wants to “look forward.”

The BBC probably regretted booking Alex Jones for their Sunday politics program (he was there in Britain to float by the Bilderberg group meeting on a barge).

Byword text/markdown editor (for Mac).

Jeremy Scahill and Chris Hayes compare Obama to his predecessor George W. Bush.

Bill Maher brings a little realism to the discussion of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

photo of Dan by Jessica
photo by Jessica

Podcast 89 – I like to just go with what I see

‘Reply, file, delete.’ / “We need to get more of your rhymes on the streets.” / ‘My Facebook feed is all brands and companies.’ / “I use a POP3 account” / ^Party pics with Solo cups on Webshots.^ / “Meta-categories of email types.”

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show notes

Webshots users reacting to deletion of data.

DM1 drum machine app for iPhone.

Arctic Keys keyboard app (by One Red Dog Media) for iPhone.

Colorado passes laws aimed at regulating the sale of marijuana (which was legalized there in 2012).

WeAreChange.org took video at an anti-Monsanto event in New York.  We discussed being at the protest in Cleveland and taking pictures in podcast #88.  ABC News wrote about it online as Jessica noted.

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann quitting Congress.  She once said that the media should “take a look” to see if House and Senate members are “anti-America.”

Baby survives being flushed in China.

Gmail App for iPhone.

Google’s video about the new Gmail inbox.

Mailbox App for iPhone.

[‘First Day of Dinosaur Skool’ artwork by Jessica.]

Podcast 85 – Possibly inevitable

“I don’t see a bookmarklets bar.” / “The old email client model.” / “At least there’s something in there.” / “Export your feeds.” / “Fast following.” / “You can play full songs as you discover them.”

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Eagle Man: “I’ve got something for you.”

Police (somewhere out in Pennsylvania) outrage an angry crank as they refuse to arrest marijuana smokers.

RSS Toaster for Mac.

Google adds ‘Google Now’ functionality to its iOS search app.

Delta Gamma sorority sister writes a letter released by Gawker (which was then read by Michael Shannon and Alison Haislip among others) that probably represents sororities and “Greek” culture on many campuses pretty well [“cock block…cunt punt..”].

Drafts app for iOS [now in version 3]: Compose text files and then send them to Evernote, Dropbox, email, and much more.

Youtube Capture: create and upload videos on your iPhone.

Birds of Paradise!

Apple is issuing bonds at less than a percent above 10-year Treasury bonds.

Twitter #Music app released for iPhone: uses Twitter data to suggest music, uses Spotify to play full songs.  (The app moved down the charts precipitously after a couple weeks.)

Warning issued (over health concerns) for the popular Youtube meme “cinnamon challenge” (which has been tried by such online icons as Miranda).

NBA player Jason Collins comes out as gay.

Gay marriage arrives in France amidst vociferous protest for and against.

All he has to show for it is this stuffed banana with dreadlocks.”

SoundCloud iPhone app. Outro track via.

My Videos: Deer in the forest preserve and the sequel Deer in the forest preserve #2.

Podcast 84 – Austerity mongers

“This number doesn’t hold.” / “Very very avoidable people.” / “People need to look into the actual data [about government debt] instead of the stupid political rhetoric.” / “There’s a shack-like little house right next door to the railroad tracks has been for sale for a while.” / “Bottom-feeder so-called news outlets.”

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show notes

Now John Gruber is being paid to shill for Microsoft.

White Noise app for iPhone and Mac; iOS in-app purchase for sound creator tool: my free custom sound “Parakeets and Bells [.wna file].”

Paul Krugman on “The Excel Depression.”

Will Microsoft bring back the “Start” button in Windows 8.1?  [Windows 8 still looks stupid.]

Runnners in downtown Cleveland join in series of impromptu #BostonStong runs.

Glenn Greenwald on Sam Harris and other self-identified atheists who for some reason seem to hate Islam more than Christianity.

Glenn Beck’s widely-dismissed “Saudi” theory.

Golfer Bubba Watson crying.

Outro song: Salt Water (single mix).

DJMcloud podcast 84 artwork

DJMcloud Podcast 67 – It doesn’t have a right analog stick

“I wouldn’t underestimate Git and GitHub.” / “It’s for photos you’ve already taken.” / “Looks primitive compared to a PSP.” / “Basically click a button in your browser.”

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Hosted by me.

show notes

NFL playoffs: “STOP!” – Dan Patrick has had enough of the Ray Lewis hype.

Responsive Theme for WordPress by themeiD.

My novel, Crossing the Continental Divide, is now available on GitHub and on Scribd.

My pick for 2012 app of the year: Pocket (iOS app link) (Android app link): This app enables you to read articles on the web later on by bookmark[let]ing the page you want to save.  Pages can also be saved to your Pocket account using other apps like Twitter or Flipboard or Reeder.  [My 2011 app of the year was ProCamera.]

Intermission music: Jungle Symphony by Neener.

GCWZero: a Kickstarter project to make a handheld gaming device that repeats the design mistake of the PSP (corrected by the subsequent PS Vita) of having no right-side analog stick [pad? control point?].  It seems to emphasize retro-style gaming.

Laughter therapy.”

PureShot by jag.gr: new camera app for iOS. [I previously talked about 645 Pro in podcast 32 which is from the same app designer.]

Afterglow iOS photo filtering app.


Podcast 62 – Some bright, earthy tones

“There’s plenty of people who’ve let it lapse.” / ‘There’s like a clamminess, a grayness, a frizziness.” / “TextEdit has gone kind of like all over the place.” / “And also then there’s the publishing part.” / ‘I’m not a fan of Apple’s Maps.’ / “I’m not sure how it works, but I was using it earlier.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notesDJMcloud podcast episode #62 – recorded Dec. 15, 2012

Jessica has purchased some new features and is making some new art with the Paper app for iPad.

I discuss writing tools (which were used in creating my novel Crossing the Continental Divide) [This episode discusses tools; the plot of the book was discussed in podcast #60.]:
Drafts (iOS) [also discussed in podcast #33]: I did a lot of the writing of the book on the iPhone with onscreen keyboard or voice recognition, on this simple creation app; when I was done I could send the text to Dropbox [or optionally also to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and many other services.]
Epistle (Android): Writing with my tablet was less frequent but this Dropbox-friendly editor worked.
Sublime Text (Mac): This provided a simple window to enter text on the computer; used sparingly.
BBedit (Mac): Made merging multiple text files in Dropbox directory into one manuscript easy, with word counts.
Textmate 1 & 2 (Mac): Did a little bit of editing for typos and a little bit of writing with version 1 on my iMac and 2 on my MacBook Pro.
Pages (Mac): used Apple’s desktop word processor to import BBedit text file to add cover and image and then make an ePub version.
iBooks Author (Mac): used to make PDF and iBooks/iPad version with consistent page numbers using Futura font.

Google Maps for iOS is now available. (In iOS 6, Apple replaced the previous default Maps app [which had until then relied on Google Maps] with an app that utilized the Apple’s new maps.)

GTA Vice City for iOS: the 2002 classic game gets ported to iPhone & iPad (and some Android phones).

[Grand Theft Auto 3 Tenth Anniversary Edition came out last year and we discussed it then on podcast #19.]

New update to Flickr app for iOS moves in the right direction: Aviary filters, easy linking to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, updated interface for viewing photos of users and groups that you follow.

La Défense

Podcast 61 – A crazy and unhelpful tactic

La Défense

‘The traditional resentment politics don’t work in this era.’ / “[Drone killings:] It’s just plain murderous.” / “‘Maybe he’s goin’ for the upper class?!'” / ‘These are probably the people you want to take over Egypt.’ / “There is a similar feeling going on all around the world.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – episode 61 – recorded Dec. 9, 2012 

Twitter is no longer displaying Instagram photos inside its stream–Instragam stopped supporting “cards.”

Breaking The Taboo” (video) narrated by Morgan Freeman and featuring current and former Latin American heads of state among others illustrates the futility of the War On Drugs.

George Will says that “opposition to gay marriage is dying (video).”

Barack Obama and drone attacks: “It’s Time to Stop Killing in Secret.”

Supporters at Romney rally (video).

Egypt protests and clashes continue as liberal opposition (including ElBaradei) opposes Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated president Morsi. 

Apple releases iTunes 11 with major layout changes.

Snapseed photo editor now free and on Android as well as iOS.

UI for reading/ebook apps:
-page turning versus endless scrolling
-page turn animations a good idea?

DoggCatcher podcatcher app for Android: Download or stream, import/export OPML features, handles most feeds well, podcast directory is sketchy.

UFC on Fox shows people beating each other senseless but censors a fighter giving an opponent the middle finger.

African gray parrot has beak-controlled scooter (video).

Podcast 54 – Not a lot happens on the corners

“It’s not glass anymore.” / “The red rens.” / “Very slippery.” / “You can see a lot more without having to scroll.” / “They do improve with each phone that they put out.” / “That’s pretty slick where you don’t see letterboxes easily.” / “You had to go at the right angle.” / “I would collect all that in-between stuff.” / “Even the moderator had to point out the lying.” / “This parallel universe of false notions.” / “The liberal agenda is popular.” / “I thought we were done with the mis-spellings.” / “My personal belief is: free content.” / “They’re taking another, you know, swat at it.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

Podcast 54 show notes – recorded Oct. 20, 2012 

iPhone 5.

Dark Sky iOS weather app [Dark Sky app web site].

Proceed, Governor.”

47 percent.”

Congressional debate in MN: “low-life scumbag.”

Aspiring Twitter replacements–Pheed (celebrities sell their content to audience) vs. App.net (developer sells the use of the platform to other developers, and users).

Ted Rall on (not) making money online.

The upcoming new “Mega” site.

Get Screambird mp3s via torrent.

Podcast 3

Listen: download the mp3

guest hosts: Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown) and Jim (@jtmck)

Jessica’s yoga posts on her blog are a good read.

iPhone app reviews

0. Foursquare: Jessica has been using this app to check in to places to find friends and get deals from merchants.  Jim isn’t using it because his friends aren’t on it.

1. Hipstamatic: [$8 after getting all the add-on features available as in-app purchases ($2 for basic version)]

Photo app based on a rare 1980s film camera of that name [not really; see podcast #23 for correction]; allows use of different virtual lenses, films and flashes to create a range of different looks including infrared, black and white and retro colors.

2. Retro Camera Plus: [free]

Another vintage camera simulator, this app offers five different cameras, including one based on classic Polaroid instant, and another simulating an old Russian design.  You change the whole camera so it’s not as flexible as Hipstamatic but it is free and fun.

3. Fruit Ninja: [$1]

An excellent app for casual fun, this game has one goal–swipe your finger across the screen and rip apart fruit!  (I heard about this one from Jim.)

4. Cut the Rope [$1]

This game involves moving a candy ball that follows inverted gravity into a hungry frog-like creature’s mouth, mainly by, well, cutting ropes and also popping bubbles, all while picking up stars.  Maybe it’s not totally clear from that description but anyway it’s a fun game.  You can get the lite version and play some of the game for free, but for all the levels including the new Christmas one, it’s worth getting the full app.  (I heard about this one from Jessica.)

5. Book (eBook reader) apps [all free for the app, with in-app book purchasing]

Which is the best for the iOS platform?  Apple’s iBooks?  Or is it an third party app like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, or Google Books?  Personally I like the Nook app but iBooks is also really good, and Google Books is okay.

Guitar picks!!!

Two kinds of pics [sic] that I just got that I love:

1. Fender thin (cloudy blue), the classic

2. Ultex 0.60 mm (yellow with rhino), with a nice snappy feel

Also I use:

3. Tortex 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm (red and orange with the turtle)

Public Affairs

1. Wikileaks cable releases continue to roil international relations; see the Guardian’s coverage for more,

2. President Obama ditches press conference about tax cuts to go party; leaves Bill Clinton to speak to the press.

Technology news and rumors

1. How much does the Samsung Galaxy Tab suck (for that price anyway)?

2. Will the next iPad have both side cameras, improved screen and maybe a slight tweak in the design profile?

3. Are the iOS photo sharing apps (like Instagram and path.com) carving out an important new niche?

4. Looking forward to the upcoming new version (2.8) of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, which will finally feature a “single-window mode.”

5. What will happen in tech next year?  Mac OS X app store, OS X Lion, iOS 5; Lots of solid state memory in computers (?); Flood of new Android products; Google Chrome OS; Ubuntu 11.04; LibreOfficeHTML5 and CSS3 on the web; Oracle vs. everyone over Java; Novell acquisition by Attachmate, and Microsoft’s apparent role; mySQL vs. PostGRESQL; PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby on Rails vs. C; Drupal 7 vs. WordPress 3.1.

[originally posted Dec. 12, 2010]