Podcast 59 – It could be a story about a cat-duck

Cat Duck

‘It’s not some clattery fan.’ / “The consumer base is demanding a higher level of excellence from anyone and everyone they interact with.” / ‘Does it like to do all the stuff that only one of them likes to do or does it not like to do the stuff that one of them doesn’t like to do?’ / ‘I got a message by opening the app!’ / ‘They’re in prison because they don’t want to testify.’ / ‘The guy has said incredibly stupid things.’ / ‘That’s the closest thing I have to a bell.’ / ‘So I guess this was a good year to finish reading it.’

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

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Cat Duck

‘The “fiscal cliff” nonsense is a perfect example of how politics in western democracies has been directed (by the 1%) away from promising opportunity and (at least nominally) working for a better future, and rather towards threatening and taking away what the 99% already has.

Of note is the seemingly wanton destruction that today’s elites in America and elsewhere seem intent on inflicting on the economy through the policies of their puppets.  It has become clear that they are more concerned with impoverishing most people than further enriching themselves, though they seek both results.’

Al Gore’s “climate cliff” rhetoric.

Leah-Lynn Plante (mentioned in podcast #55) has been released from federal prison, while Matt Duran and Kteeo Olejnik still remained in custody as of late October.

clip: “[Pat] Robertson: Liberals ‘Passionate’ About Trying to ‘Kill Off Old People’.” 

clip: Woody Guthrie via democracynow.org.

Is Donald Trump hurting the popularity of Macy’s among women? 

clip via The Disintegration Loops III  by William Basinski.


Pocket App for Mac OS X desktop is now out. (Predecessor Pocket client Read Later was discussed in podcast #32.) 

iBooks vs. Kindle: for ePub reading, iBooks is very good while Kindle insists on its own format (but as a partial workaround, can work well with PDFs).  [I discussed some advantages to Kindle over iBooks on podcast #28.] 

How many people are using Nook?  Is the mall store presence still an advantage over Amazon for some customers?  Nook is now allied with Microsoft–will they make a Windows RT based Nook Fire as a joint product? 

Do you use Microsoft products?  What do you think of them?  What I think about Microsoft:

Most who claim garbage Windows Phone 8 looks “pretty cool” are never going to use it. Being a bunch of iOS users’ 2nd choice means nothing. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273484508559466496

WebOS was the second choice of iPhone users everywhere, had subpar hardware, was run by sclerotic aimless corporation–like Windows Phone 8. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273486285753155584

Short alert on MSFT stock – I now expect them to be insolvent by the end of the decade. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273660811333996544

This holiday season is going to be such a catastrophe for Microsoft that it will start an irreversible slow-motion collapse of Windows 8. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273661664069554176

From there, desktop OS market will shrink with OS X, even Linux gaining share because of how bad Windows 8 is on desktops. & Surface fails. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273662306204938241

MS Office is necessary only for Windows computers–no one else (Mac, tablet users) seems to care about it. WIndows shrinks, Office shrinks. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273663113692323841

Let me conclude by saying that I would like to see Microsoft bankrupt and disbanded. Seattle would be a better place, and so would software. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273664759948271616

1 cup at a time K-cup machine – Jet Fuel K-cups – Starbucks Sumatra K-cups.

How much like Levi’s 527 at department stores like Dillards ($40 all cotton) are Denizen 233 at Target ($30 mostly cotton, a fifth polyester)?

book – 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck (paperback, 2007).