Podcast 89 – I like to just go with what I see

‘Reply, file, delete.’ / “We need to get more of your rhymes on the streets.” / ‘My Facebook feed is all brands and companies.’ / “I use a POP3 account” / ^Party pics with Solo cups on Webshots.^ / “Meta-categories of email types.”

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show notes

Webshots users reacting to deletion of data.

DM1 drum machine app for iPhone.

Arctic Keys keyboard app (by One Red Dog Media) for iPhone.

Colorado passes laws aimed at regulating the sale of marijuana (which was legalized there in 2012).

WeAreChange.org took video at an anti-Monsanto event in New York.  We discussed being at the protest in Cleveland and taking pictures in podcast #88.  ABC News wrote about it online as Jessica noted.

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann quitting Congress.  She once said that the media should “take a look” to see if House and Senate members are “anti-America.”

Baby survives being flushed in China.

Gmail App for iPhone.

Google’s video about the new Gmail inbox.

Mailbox App for iPhone.

[‘First Day of Dinosaur Skool’ artwork by Jessica.]

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