djmcloud podcast 21 – iOS apps, Gen X hearts Bill Clinton (but why?), and a new song podcast #21: Another diptych iOS app, white noise sounds, Minecraft PE and Eden, Samsung stumbles, new house music from Neener

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)

iPhone apps
White Noise (TMSOFT)
Grid Lens (Bucket Labs)
Minecraft Pocket Edition (Mojang)
Eden (Kingly Software Inc.)

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Tech Media News

Samsung is badly misplaying its marketing hand with the “Dude you’re a barista” commercials.

John Gruber talks about Bill Clinton on the “Back to Work” podcast: What is it with Gen X and Bill Clinton??


Bush: “The Sound of Winter” from ‘The Sea of Memories’ (2011)

Teagan and Sara: “Alligator (live)” from ‘Get Along’ (2011)

Neener: “Pacific Shores” from Neener 2 (forthcoming in 2012)–exclusive preview of the track at the end of the podcast

Podcast 19 – Jessica joins me to discuss GTA 3 and more podcast #19: Jessica stops by as we talk about GTA III for iOS and mention Google Music–and our music

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)


and Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown)


show notes (Dec. 16, 2011)

iOS game:

Grand Theft Auto 3 (10th anniversary edition)

also available for Android:

From the intro credits music to the crazy radio stations (“Jah,” “Head Radio”) to the eccentric, boxy and gently rising street grid, which is utterly mapped to the inner synapses of the greatest minds of my generation: it’s the game that ranks as very possibly the greatest video game of all time, starting in 2001 as a PlayStation 2 game and moving eventually to Xbox and PC before living middle age as “Liberty City Stories” on early attempts to take such scale of games to mobile as on the PSP before now finally living a grand old age as the one that came first (before the wild Vice City, the brilliant San Andreas, and the imperfect but impeccably tuned GTA V, before the transcendently good Red Dead Redemption) and laid out an amazingly large amount of the formula, fully formed, onto the public.  We’re talking about the deadpan timbre of the satire in the game, the utter corruption of power, the un-deniability of the wary protagonist, the complexity of the game’s universe, and the weapons–oh the many weapons.

Limitations present in GTA III and subsequently fixed in Liberty City Stories are present again–no baseball bat damaging vehicles, no motorcycles at all–still it’s incredible to see such an advanced game from ten years ago compacted down but utterly playable on an iPhone 4S.  It doesn’t hurt that I have pleasant associations with the game, but get through the fog memory and try it yourself–you’ll probably be surprised at how good the game is even today.

The Neener Band Blog

Our music.  More songs like “Occupy Your Mind” (as heard on this podcast) forthcoming.

Google Music:

Music “locker service” that allows anyone to store up to 20,000 songs and stream them to their devices via the web.


Podcast 16 podcast #16:

Occupy Movements raided across the country, GarageBand comes to iPhone, video sharing, ads in Twitter, iOS photo apps including Photogene2, LensLight, and Pocket Camera PRO–the intersection of apps and activism

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)!/pacificpelican

show notes for episode #16, Nov. 15, 2011

iOS/iPhone apps

Photogene2: a new app for editing, cropping, filtering, and even adding text on photos

Pocket Camera PRO by Punicasoft: a point-and-shoot camera simulator, down to the left-right up-down button activated menu

LensLight: like LensFlare [covered on podcast #14], but with different light and color patterns to place atop your iPhone photos

The Amazing Type-Writer: App that simulates using a type-writer; can export writings (in type-writer style and font) as images

GarageBand for iOS: The very cool mini DAW music creation software for iOS is now universal, meaning it can run on recent iPhones (and iPod Touches) as well as iPads now.

Wall of Sound: an app that plays music and allows you to explore your collection using album art

in other news

new bug fix version of free and open source ( now available

ads in Twitter stream grows; will it add video?

Youtube vs. Vimeo

big road wins in college football: Oregon beats Stanford; Michigan State beats Iowa

Occupy Wall Street #ows

Global Revolution live stream

We Are The Other 99 live stream

Paul Krugman on the raid of Zucotti Park in New York City. blog with photos from the New York raid

BBC News on the Occupy Oakland raid


The first half (roughly) of this podcast was broadcast live via Ustream, and is archived on that site.

Thanks to Jim for the music in this episode.

Podcast 13 podcast 13: iPhone 4S announced, Snail Domino, Dolphin Browser, Lake Michigan trip, No Sleep trance song from Screambird, changeover, Pinterest, Netflix/Qwikster debacle, sketchy social networking, declining cinema attendance, more on Spotify

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Oct. 4, 2011

hosted by Dan:

and Jessica:

djmcloud podcast 13

show notes

iPhone 4S announced

iOS apps

-Dolphin Browser:

-Snail Domino:

Lake Michigan anniversary trip: photos:

Meta: podcast [aka podcast aka podcast]

Screambird: new song: No Sleep:

and video:

Trends in social networking changes owners; changes site; deletes accounts that didn’t move over to new site/terms

-Spotify requires Facebook login to start an account with them now

-What is the point of sites like  Please don’t tell me that “Gen Z” or whatever are all that dumb.

-Time to delete my account on Linkedin


Podcast 12

Core Image, trance music, puking after swimming, lots of domains, and cloud music services: podcast #12

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August 17, 2011

show notes

hosted by Daniel J. McKeown and featuring an appearance from Jessica McKeown

Screambird (my electronic music side project) trance song “Fly Away”:

plus the video featuring Cleveland:

iOS apps

-Decim8 (photo editing app):

-Pixlr-o-matic (photo editing app):

Mac OS X app

-Pixelmator (pixel-based image editing program with Core Image filters):

Core Image to be available in iOS 5 (it’s already in OS X)

Should I criticize Apple for only having one dinosaur sound effect in Apple loops or should I be grateful that there is one at all?

Tom Friedman is a moron

my article from years ago:

the Professional Left Podcast this week (Ep. #88):

“Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, who attempted to become the first person to swim between Cuba and Florida without a shark cage, was forced to abandon her effort early Tuesday morning — roughly halfway through her journey.

Nyad was vomiting when she was brought aboard a boat at 12:45 a.m. Tuesday — 29 hours after she jumped into the water Sunday.” via Chicago Tribune. vs. Spotify vs. Rdio

iTunes Match vs. Google Music vs. Amazon Cloud drive

Post-Oasis bands:

Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye:

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds:

How many web domains do you own?  This dude has over 100:

Do you like filename extensions? (Like .ogg or .txt) Mac OS X and Windows and Linux use them but classic Mac OS did not (as far as I can remember).

Twitter photo sharing

Are all Twitter links links now?

Neener (Jessica’s and my band):