podcast 105 – To drive all night

“You’d spend a lot of time just, getting places with a horse.” / “A big part of the ‘flat’ is the icons.” / “The book they’re *going* to read.” / ‘A lot more epic.’ / “The way they simulate the waves.” / “How much ^ice^ you got around your neck and stuff.” / “I drove up in windmill country.” / “I think it’s based on the Salton Sea.” / “Did they say ^swag^?” / ‘You can’t see parts that you haven’t been to.’ / “You can backspin and topspin.” / “That just means iPhones are popular.” / ‘And I was like, okay.’ / “You can get out of the car and do other stuff.”

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GTA V: blimp via Amazon pre-order, diving for cash.
Navy yard shooting [via ABC News].
Windows 8 backlash continues [via boogie2988].
iOS 7.
Om Gurl Yoga.
My novel Crossing the Continental Divide.
Neko Case. Podcast 104 – European cornerstore drinks

“Yes there’s a flashlight.” / “Somewhere between Iceland and Morocco.” / ‘They’re still using the envelope for [e]mail.’ / ‘What other manufacturer’s making a white phone?’ / “Generally they’ll use cliches on people.” / “Maybe the S is for support.” / “An international river is a really strange idea isn’t it?” / “Trying to avoid shipwreck, with a low bandwidth connection.” / “When you would get knock-off pops.” / “You know they’re up to stuff.” / “They’re calling it ‘space gray.'” / “One year asylum ticket.” / “Grabbing up innovations from their developers.”

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Jonathan Trappe tries to fly across the Atlantic using a helium balloon cluster starting from Maine; makes it as far as Newfoundland.
Meanwhile in Reno, Nevada: “Full text of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick’s obituary.”
Larry Summers withdraws (thankfully) from consideration to become Fed chairman.
Plans for Syria to abandon chemical weapons after diplomacy by Russia and the U.S. helps avoid war.
PS Vita 2000 released.
Apple announces iPhone 5S and 5C.
iOS 7 and AirDrop.
NSA hands raw intel to Israel, hopes it respects limits on usage.”
Orangina owner now also controls Lucozade (British soft drink) brand.  Will it finally come to America now?

Cleveland hate crimes at West Side bar caught on camera.”
Closed-down amusement parks: Action Park in New Jersey.  Geauga Lake park in Ohio.

GTA V review.

Tricky – “Tricky Kid” (1997). podcast 103 – Gallons of hot water

^It’s more important that the president did go to Congress.^ / “Charities, non-profits: really just a tax filing classification.” / ^The only people mingling are those who, like you, don’t seem to know anyone important.^ / “They re-aggregate themselves.” / “Maybe they were just affirming the normative idea of marriage.” / ^Most of the time they don’t actually have a reason.^

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LinkedIn is a waste of time; Facebook is a bunch of bs.
Intruders shot with water hose at Church’s Chicken in Akron.
Leave This Club” by Screambird.
Fly Away” by Screambird.
The Charitable-Industrial Complex” by Peter Buffet.
Gravitons” by Neener.
Cleveland is Only Nation’s Tenth-Most Dangerous City.” [Previously: Podcast 87, partly about Cleveland.]
Other People” by Beach House.
Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria is “not our responsibility.”
Jack White – “I’m Shakin’.”
A few of my Colorado photos:
Epic “privacy browser.”
Google Chrome now has apps that are more than just web apps.

My novel Crossing the Continental Divide. podcast 102 – Maple cotton candy

“One of those long finger lakes.” / ^Some greasy-looking stranger comes up to you on the street and offers you a swig from his thermos.^ / “They may have had the flow on and had a raging whirlpool for that scene.” / ‘We saw the cow parade.’

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Legal weed moving forward in Washington and Colorado after announcement from Eric Holder.
Bill Moyers on whether America is a democracy anymore.
Syria crisis: why should America intervene?  What about divisions among Republicans?
Steve Ballmer forced out at Microsoft.
New York State Fair in Syracuse with cows and cotton candy (and fish).
Ithaca and Buttermilk Falls.

Podcast 101 – Hyper-scanner state of mind

“Neo-primitive section.” / “It had a wide sprawl.” / “This one is one of them.” / “Whole sections that are screwed..people widget-ized their own blogs.” / ^FiSA Court…rubber stamp.^ / ‘A nice bit of complexity.’ / ‘Everybody seems to want to be an IPA these days.’

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Nadia Ali – “Fantasy.”
Lady Gaga – “Applause.”
First 100 episodes of DJMcloud Podcast available here.
Former MTV star Farrah Abraham is now known as the “Backdoor Teen Mom.”
Heidi Montang.
Jessica on Haruki Murakami.
David Mitchell: ‘Cloud Atlas.’
James Risen on the government’s predictable, empty claims (always) after leaks: “It’s getting old.”
Oktoberfest Lager from Great Lakes Brewing Co in Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland fails at making promised bike lane on Detroit Avenue.
TyPic Pro for iOS; Jessica’s Instagram account: McJaguar.
WordPress: post formats, new default theme in version 3.6.
Katy Perry – “Roar.”

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