Podcast 90: Interference with creativity

“Chickens in the forest.” / “Not just unfounded beliefs..wrongheaded beliefs.” / “Large stretch of wetlands…Near the Hackensack River.” / ^I poured things out of their bottle.^ / “Way off in the distance was the city.” / ^The thronging constellations rush in crowds.^

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show notes

McGruff the crime dog via everythingisterrible.com.

The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley on Kindle.

Jessica’s blog post with her photos from the anti-Monsanto protest in Cleveland.

Sony DEV– 50V/B digital recording binoculars.

Birdwatching at the Meadowlands Environmental Center.

My 2 iPhones.

SunrizerXS iOS synth app.

OSU president Gordon Gee quits after comments about “those damn Catholics.”

Feedly (cloud RSS app) offers roadmap, including word on ‘Normandy project’; announces that other apps (like Reeder and Press) will be able to use Feedly data.

‘Love lessons for Single “Happy” Girls; A Book Project’ on Kickstarter.

“You can’t separate your thoughts from reality. [video]”

Burger King arrives in South Africa.

Podcast 89 – I like to just go with what I see

‘Reply, file, delete.’ / “We need to get more of your rhymes on the streets.” / ‘My Facebook feed is all brands and companies.’ / “I use a POP3 account” / ^Party pics with Solo cups on Webshots.^ / “Meta-categories of email types.”

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show notes

Webshots users reacting to deletion of data.

DM1 drum machine app for iPhone.

Arctic Keys keyboard app (by One Red Dog Media) for iPhone.

Colorado passes laws aimed at regulating the sale of marijuana (which was legalized there in 2012).

WeAreChange.org took video at an anti-Monsanto event in New York.  We discussed being at the protest in Cleveland and taking pictures in podcast #88.  ABC News wrote about it online as Jessica noted.

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann quitting Congress.  She once said that the media should “take a look” to see if House and Senate members are “anti-America.”

Baby survives being flushed in China.

Gmail App for iPhone.

Google’s video about the new Gmail inbox.

Mailbox App for iPhone.

[‘First Day of Dinosaur Skool’ artwork by Jessica.]

Podcast 88 – Not many artists are better than their remix

‘I would have invited people to come up and share their stories.” / “Don’t you think we have the right to know what’s in our food?” / “The dynamics of letting people talk.” / ‘A big mesh of images.’ / ‘A lot of them are using genetically modified [seeds].’ / “When you said Pinterest-ization…” / “And a few people walked into the burrito place when we were leaving who I think had been protesting.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

show notes

Natasha Leggero on Duncan Trussell’s podcast: “Commercials…Creating empires by tricking dumb people [~45min].”

Adam Kokesh arrested at a marijuana legalization rally in Philadelphia; he had been trying to organize an armed march on Washington D.C. from Virginia on July 4; released a few days later.  The Tactical Response guy threw cold water on the gun march plans.

Heckler interrupts Barack Obama speech over drones and Guantanamo.

Justice Department spied on AP reporters; should Eric Holder resign?

Republican Senator Rand Paul wants to keep drugs illegal, of course.

Protesters around the world against Monsanto and GMO foods: Jessica’s photos from the Cleveland protest.

My book, Crossing the Continental Divide now has its first edition and is for sale in the Amazon Kindle store.

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix) on SoundCloud.

Flickr redesigns its site. [My Flickr photos.]

Lisa Lampanelli uses racist word on Twitter, Wendy Williams responds.  Lena Dunham responds.

Podcast 87 – gBom[b]s

“Even those 00s mouth looks.” / “He gets involved in some gaming racket.” / “A flood of stuff.” / ‘The blue dots mean it’s unread.” / “Furthermore people can screenshot.” / ‘Spex.’ / “I don’t want to go bolt it on now.” / “The ‘selfie.'”

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show notes

Fred Armisen and Google Glass.

Alex Jones wrongly cites 1798 as being when the Constitution was drafted, #LOL.

Free and open source RSS Reader for Mac: Vienna RSS [on GitHub].

Book: Paintwork by Tim Maughan splits into two halves, one about an English gamer and virtual space artist and one about a competitive augmented reality gaming competition in Cuba.

China gaming sweatshops [2005].

I made a video about Cleveland and its lousy economy and how people here are scared of their neighbors.

Snapchat doesn’t really delete photos?

“86” by Green Day.

Podcast 86 – The drones among them

‘Fruit cup for 4 dollars.’ / “Right now a lot of the same idiots are saying there should be a war against Syria.” / “They’re not new though.” / “This might be taking it to a new level.” / “‘Ways that are upwards and ways that are manifest.'” / “This nonsense talk about ‘red lines.'” / “Have you heard how stupid that thing is?”/ ‘You can play yoga in [GTAV].” / “A distinctive bass sound.” / “The answers, or something.”

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show notes – Episode #86

Jean short overalls?

Pat Buchanan on RT.

Rachel Maddow show on the Bush Library.

Andy Rourke joins Johnny Marr onstage for “How Soon is Now?”

“4th Amendment rights stripped..chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! We are embarrassed!”

Glenn Beck on (??).

Jedis and marriage.

GTA V: Epsilonism.

Podcast 85 – Possibly inevitable

“I don’t see a bookmarklets bar.” / “The old email client model.” / “At least there’s something in there.” / “Export your feeds.” / “Fast following.” / “You can play full songs as you discover them.”

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Eagle Man: “I’ve got something for you.”

Police (somewhere out in Pennsylvania) outrage an angry crank as they refuse to arrest marijuana smokers.

RSS Toaster for Mac.

Google adds ‘Google Now’ functionality to its iOS search app.

Delta Gamma sorority sister writes a letter released by Gawker (which was then read by Michael Shannon and Alison Haislip among others) that probably represents sororities and “Greek” culture on many campuses pretty well [“cock block…cunt punt..”].

Drafts app for iOS [now in version 3]: Compose text files and then send them to Evernote, Dropbox, email, and much more.

Youtube Capture: create and upload videos on your iPhone.

Birds of Paradise!

Apple is issuing bonds at less than a percent above 10-year Treasury bonds.

Twitter #Music app released for iPhone: uses Twitter data to suggest music, uses Spotify to play full songs.  (The app moved down the charts precipitously after a couple weeks.)

Warning issued (over health concerns) for the popular Youtube meme “cinnamon challenge” (which has been tried by such online icons as Miranda).

NBA player Jason Collins comes out as gay.

Gay marriage arrives in France amidst vociferous protest for and against.

All he has to show for it is this stuffed banana with dreadlocks.”

SoundCloud iPhone app. Outro track via.

My Videos: Deer in the forest preserve and the sequel Deer in the forest preserve #2.

Podcast 84 – Austerity mongers

“This number doesn’t hold.” / “Very very avoidable people.” / “People need to look into the actual data [about government debt] instead of the stupid political rhetoric.” / “There’s a shack-like little house right next door to the railroad tracks has been for sale for a while.” / “Bottom-feeder so-called news outlets.”

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show notes

Now John Gruber is being paid to shill for Microsoft.

White Noise app for iPhone and Mac; iOS in-app purchase for sound creator tool: my free custom sound “Parakeets and Bells [.wna file].”

Paul Krugman on “The Excel Depression.”

Will Microsoft bring back the “Start” button in Windows 8.1?  [Windows 8 still looks stupid.]

Runnners in downtown Cleveland join in series of impromptu #BostonStong runs.

Glenn Greenwald on Sam Harris and other self-identified atheists who for some reason seem to hate Islam more than Christianity.

Glenn Beck’s widely-dismissed “Saudi” theory.

Golfer Bubba Watson crying.

Outro song: Salt Water (single mix).

DJMcloud podcast 84 artwork

Podcast 83 – Down in Haiku later in the day

“Venture capital ‘environmentalism.'” / “Chicago…it’s gridlock.” / “People freak out over the stupid scenes that have more animated animals.” / “Germany has wisely decided to phase out nuclear power.” / “That one I fed hay.” / “Pilot J.” / “San Francisco, where you’re just a guru.” / “She knew all the goats.” / “Futurist technologist.” / “I’ve already shared my dislike for [Jimmy Haslem, the owner of the Browns] because he’s into fracking.

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show notes

Goats at the Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui.


John Holdren, science advisor to President Obama.

Paul R. Ehrlich & The Population Bomb.

DJMcloud Podcast soundboard.

Cleveland Browns owner’s business investigated.

Screaming goats.

Cleveland Cavaliers fire Byron Scott.

iSteve movie.

Jessica’s blog post: “Nice to Meet You, Gurudev.”

John Siracusa on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography.

Very Jedi-ish person” via okcgoldmine.com.

pacificpelican Youtube channel.

Podcast 82 – On trolleys in corridors

“Gold and seeds.” / “That term in reverse.” / “This chained CPI thing: it’s a cut.” / “Republican activists that are pushing that far-right agenda.” / “Basically just a tax on everyone.” / ‘The professional Right.’ / “The money that prohibition leaves on the table.”

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show notes

Right-wing talker Mark Levin rants about the RNC.

“Fox Contributor Star Parker Compares Congressional Black Caucus To Slave Masters.”

MP Glenda Jackson tells the truth about Margaret Thatcher.

I said this earlier: “Margaret Thatcher was a dumb bully whose cuts in public investment pain Britain to this day; she was heaved from office in 1990 & forgotten.”

Barack Obama is again negotiating with himself (as TPM reports), this time offering to cut Social Security. This move is not going over well with the left, and will cost the president support and popularity (probably for the rest of his term).

Jessica’s site.

“Pacific Shores” song from Neener 2.

Elizabeth Warren asks Obama administration regulators about why they’re protecting the banks even as they withhold the evidence of those banks’ illegal activities from the victims of illegal foreclosures.

Anti-gun crap.”

Pack a backpack with some food in it.”

Dan Benjamin: “I’m 40 years old!..Air this!!..Don’t dazzle me with a star pattern!!”

djmcloud artwork

DJMcloud Podcast 81 – It has a little story

‘Sneaky sneakster.’ / “Maybe the environment creating the expression of the genetic propensity.” / “Caught the attention of a lot of people around the world–I think.” / “They seem to see a world that other people don’t see.” / ‘This false reality..’ / “Her embrace of radical, nontraditional ideas.” / “The reasons for that are not outlined well.” / “A protest of the repressive culture.”

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show notes

Tim O’Reilly asked me if he ran over my dog.  [I don’t own a dog.  I do have birds.]  Who thinks about stuff like that?  Was he trying to be funny?  Or…?  Anyway here’s what I said that got him so defensive:

I was excited to read the attack piece on @timoreilly by @evgenymorozov until I realized it was like a bad book report on software politics. [link]

Blending the smug-rich-guy-meme-maker of today‘s @timoreilly with the biz-shilling-publishing-hype-man 90s version is lazy @evgenymorozov [link]

So I’m really sharing my distaste for a disappointing article written about O’Reilly, which (as I interpreted it) started with a deceptively easy goal: expose the mushy hype at the core of the publishing magnate’s thinking by considering his own words.  A goal at which I thought it mostly failed [when I despaired of it being any good and clicked away halfway though.]  After O’Reilly’s lame reply I continued:

@timoreilly: @pacificpelican @evgenymorozov So did I run over your dog too?” No. I just don’t like the way you launder & amplify bad ideas. [link]

Which is true.  Though I would have hoped that classics scholar O’Reilly would have worked in a Cerberus reference when talking about dogs.  Anyway I continued:

I stopped caring about what @timoreilly says a long time ago. I had hoped @evgenymorozov would convince other smart people to do the same. [link]

Instead the article by @evgenymorozov was so poorly constructed and easily part-refuted by @timoreilly from his perch at G+ that I wondered. [link]

I don’t really care, as I said, and I think that eventually a lot of thinking people are going to realize what he’s up to.  But in the Google+ post he wrote linking to it, O’Reilly went as far as to say he found the Morozov article “entertaining and informative.”  Two things he consistently fails to be.

New Yorker article about feminist writer Shulamith Firestone.

Tila Tequila on World War 3.

Assassin of Youth” movie from 1937.

Topless female protesters in Germany call Putin a dictator.

Tunisia’s ‘Amina Tyler and other subsequent protests by women.

The Dorse Issue #1 for May 2013.

On The Hunt” video by @gemllama.

Jason from Henderson.”