DJMcloud Podcast LXXX – Members of the co-op are supposed to volunteer

“Maybe half-read it.” / “A lot of crop circles.” / ‘You can start by not believing the people who lied to you before.’ / “They’re buying that audience.” / ‘If you are an alcoholic, you need pizza.’ / “I’m not sure if one side of him is already in heaven, or what.” / “Android seems to be where they get a lot of their identity from.”

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show notes

Video: Michael Moore: “[Iranian president] Ahmadinejad is building a bomb?  I’ll believe it, you know, when he walks in the room here with it and shows it to me!”

Apple now requires 1400×1400 images for podcast artwork, so I made a California palm trees picture with birds on a stoplight the new DJMcloud podcast logo.  


Is the new Gmail compose window (at the bottom right) a good idea?  (No.)

The DJMcloud Podcast soundboard has some new audio files added to it.  The episode number for this podcast has been moved up to 80 (LXXX) since it is actually the 80th episode in the series when including episodes 0 and 10.1.

Amazon buys book social network Goodreads, which includes a laughable readers’ top-rated books list filled with garbage.

@_FloridaMan tweets about the “real-life stories of the world’s worst superhero.”

A book is out called “A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Miniseries ‘The Bible.'”

Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk “suffered a massive stroke last year and later told the press that three angels had appeared at his hospital bedside to ask if he was ready to join them in heaven.”

King of the Hill: ‘Raise the Steaks‘ episode.

Neo-Prohibitionist propaganda falls by wayside as a majority of Americans favor marijuana legalization.

flower image

DJMcloud Podcast 77 – I heard Portishead the other day

“Get rid of the guy who won the Cy Young.” / “I think I talked over the swear.” / “It auto-plays her music sort of like a Myspace page.” / ‘And it’s really cold.’ / “Semi-hidden functionality.” / ‘Fans got a little upset, but, you know.’ / “That person with her office uptown.” / “The same stupid video tricks.” / “A more metallic kind of look.” / “Not just Moondance.”

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show notes

Chicago Tribune: “The owner of a scrap company where the remains of several school buses were found after being stolen from the Far South Side has been charged with illegal possession of auto titles, police said.”

4-year old in Union, New Jersey found living with days-old dead body, trying to care for it by applying lotion.

Ohio’s “Average Homeboy” has a Kickstarter.

And singer Megan Zurkey has a Kickstarter.

Will the Cleveland Indians home opener be another soggy letdown this year?

New pause/skip interface in iOS 6.1 when double-tapping the home button while audio is playing–looks nicer but moved to the top.

Looking at replacements for Google Reader:

Feedly: syncs quickly with Google account and grabs feeds; claims it will survive the end of Google Reader; offers Android, iOS, Kindle and Chrome apps.

The Old Reader: says it’s based on, well, the old [Google] Reader. Imports feeds (supposedly–has taken days for me and is still not there) based on XML file exported via Google Takeout.

More on Google Reader being shut down: Why should anyone trust Google now to keep their data?

Neener song “Gravitons” was played on the Rathole Radio podcast last September.

DJMcloud Podcast 76 – the minute it comes out

‘I want your content give it to me the minute it comes out.’ / ‘What can he really do?’ / “Background color gradation on the way the staircase is painted.” / ‘Nestled up there, just at the base of the hills.’ / “It’s so key.” / ‘Along the promenade…sleepy little beach town.’ / “I took a phone camera picture.” / “Marginal value in taking all this data down.” / “It’s just a lot more direct.”

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show notes [recorded March 13, 2013; hosted by me and Jessica]

LA: HollywoodWatts Towersobeliskcolored stairs; Venice Beach; pelican at Long Beach.

Al fresco dining.

Newly elected Pope is a Jesuit.

Google Reader RSS client is shutting down.

DJMcloud Podcast 75 – Not claiming to be without the power

“More in prison than anybody” / “These pointless and obviously corporate messaging vehicles.” / “We’re all over north Africa.” / “They’re certainly not claiming to be without the power to kill Americans without trial on U.S. soil with drones or otherwise.” / “Convince people around the world to divest.” / ‘That’s pretty easy to do nowadays.’

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show notes – recorded February 23, 2013

Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions.

SodaStream profits from the occupation of Palestine.

British MP George Galloway walks out of a debate with an Israeli at Oxford.

Juan Cole: “Top Five Reasons Israel is Losing the Public Relations Battle.”

Thomas Gideon: “The idea of a hacker.”

That is the evil empire.”

Barack Obama’s administration seems to think that it has the authority to kill Americans on U.S. soil without trial.

CNET can continue to distribute BitTorrent software.

DJMcloud Podcast 74 – I don’t know, USB or FireWire

“Doctrinal disputes, real or imagined.” / “Maybe it’s more about anticipating what Apple PR thinks??” / “I should get a better tripod.”

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show notes

I wondered what happened to the stock manipulation claims. Rene Ritchie of tweeted this in response to me: “Stock manipulation seems to be continuing though, if yesterday’s Foxconn story is any indicator.”

Apple investor wants to get some value out of the company’s massive cash horde: “On a conference call with investors and reporters, David Einhorn, founder of hedge fund Greenlight Capital, laid out the case for something he calls ‘iPrefs,’ a class of dividend-bearing preferred stock.”

Pope Benedict was an arrogant extremist who started an ugly crusade against American nuns, undermined Vatican II & served in Hitler youth.

Nuns are one of the few parts of the church where you will find some Progressives. This pope started a witch hunt against these women.

Cleveland Browns owner is an investor in fracking.

Late Night Alumni – “My Awake.”

DJMcloud Podcast 73 – And that is beyond us

“I’m looking to gather up links.” / “It’s sort of an acq-hire.” / “It kind of whirrs and clatters.”

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show notes

Posterous blogging service shutting down. Podcast #1.

Podcasting –>; workflow.

School bus yellow.

Photo of a guy standing on a fire hydrant reading a book in San Francisco near the “Art Institute” who bought school buses and painted them black.

Photo of me with my Mom and my wife Jessica at the Art Institute museum of Chicago.

Michael Wolff: “Tina Brown, old media’s last great illusionist.”

Chicago U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. charged in federal corruption case. Soundboard.

Follow-up to podcast #72: Chris Dorner burned.

DJMcloud Podcast 72 – Worthwhile switching cost

“Why shouldn’t they have to insure themselves?” / “What about that number 3 spot?” / “I don’t want to be logged in to Facebook on other sites.” / “Hollywood deals in violence.” / ‘Shining curving motions, and foam.’

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show notes

High-profile military sniper killed at gun range.

LA and San Bernardino police engage in massive, shoot-first, out-of-control manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

Should there be compulsory liability insurance for personal gun ownership in America?

Hollywood industry magazine Variety does a “violence and entertainment” issue.

Gun nuts stand outside a Lansing gun buyback trying to outbid the police for the firearms.

Facebook Connect took dozens of web sites down for logged-in users: “The Facebook connection was not just passively disrupting sites, as Web plugins sometimes do, but actively dragging users away from their destination sites to Facebook’s own platform.”

Firefox Aurora.

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

Blackberry 10.

DJMcloud Podcast 71 – Like a lost satellite

“‘The sky would go orange.'” / “Six continuous seconds.” / “How many comedy movies are that well-paced?” / ‘Nice dark pink headphones’ / “I like their light roast.” / “Songs were being written to be heard on earbuds.” / ‘Space-dorky.’ / ‘Maybe offer some different styles or colors or something.’ / “They keep selling those cables.” / ‘Maybe staying who they are is their strategy.’

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Hosted by me & Jessica.

The DJMcloud Podcast now has its own page at with links to all of the episodes so far.

show notes – recorded Feb. 3, 2013

Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-cups.
Headphones market: Bose vs. Dr. Dre’s Beats vs. Monster etc.

Remote control drones and helicopters.

Paul Krugman on guns.

Barack Obama shooting a shotgun.

Gayle Trotter on women shooting “3,4,5” intruders.

Big 3 in Aspen.
Windy City Heat movie. on football head injuries.
Will the brain injury problem put an end to football as we now know it?

Vine (short video sharing service) and Vinepeek.
My posts to it so far: Singing parakeetsFlying parakeets.


DJMcloud Podcast 70 – Is it a webinar?

“They had that stodgy kind of ‘newsroom’ vibe.” / ‘I like advertising-free media, supported by the people.’ / “Really harsh cycles” / “You really ^can’t^ lose your password.” / “Maybe I’m not a big Microsoft fan.” / “It’s such a trumped-up case.” / ‘There’s no editorial chutzpah there.’ / “They’re selling the idea of privacy.” / ‘They had to retract the award.’

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Hosted by me & Jessica.

The DJMcloud Podcast now has its own page at with links to all of the episodes so far.

show notes

Mega cloud file storage service launches; it’s the successor to shuttered site Megaupload.  [We discussed the Megaupload shutdown on episodes 23 and 24.]  RT did this interview with Kim Dotcom of Mega.

Nicholas Carr on the “‘peer-to-peer sharing‘” economy: “I find it hard, though, to celebrate a phenomenon — I mean, revolution — that, in Larson’s case, seems more a manifestation of a failure in the economy than some grand new breakthrough.”

CBS continues to openly interfere with CNET’s editorial process.

My novel.

Jessica’s and my band Neener.

Video by Jessica: Parakeets dunking in the water dish.


DJMcloud Podcast 69 – They’re not really going to change

“His indignity will outlive him.” / ‘Your body doesn’t give a damn.’ / “Maybe a series of mistaken perceptions or maybe just a series of impertinent actions.” / “The teeth of justice.” / “Like John Kerry, the stupid hunting stunts.” / “Shock or fear.”
show notes
The Trial by Franz Kafka and The Stranger by Albert Camus.
The NRA is not as powerful as is widely perceived.
The pro-gun arguments based on the 2nd Amendment have their only sound basis in a flawed reading of the Constitution by Supreme Court in the Heller v. D.C. case.  This ruling will almost inevitably be overturned eventually.
Hollywood has long collaborated with the firearms industry in creating an image of false glamour around the possession and use of guns.
Feedback to podcast 67 from Fab from Linux Outlaws: “What? You criticise my eating habits and don’t even give me a chance to reply? What the heck is wrong with eating horses? I’ve eaten horses, cows, ducks, pigs, chickens, snakes, iguanas, kangaroos, frogs, oysters, fish, fowls, mussels….. I’d probably eat rats, dogs and lichen too (look it up in the SAS Survival Handbook) if the situation required it. It’s all the same, really. If you find any of that appalling, it’s only in your head. Your body doesn’t give a damn.
I have comments turned off (but pingbacks on) for individual posts but not for the about page where this comment was left.  So, fair enough, but I do appreciate hearing the feedback.
I actually have what amounts to an arbitrarily selective opinion on this, but it remains the same.  However I did admit in a recent tweet about the cognitive dissonance I feel about it when talking to Jessica: “In my last podcast, Jessica silenced my particular brand of selective vegetarianism (NO horse eating!) when she advocated for the real deal.”

Clip: “Horse Neighing at own Neigh.”